#38 – Why we need to negotiate when there are even two other ways to exchange resources?!?

Because, regarding the other two ways: one is highly risky, based on the use of force and opposing POSITIONS, morally unacceptable. It is a value destroyer and it is unsustainable in the long run. It might come in the form of conflict, crime or war.

The second way to move resourses is simply wonderful!

The issue is that it needs ideologically aligned POSITIONS, is limited to specific scopes and is not sustainable in the long run, on a large scale, by itself. It might be called donation, charity or no-profit.

So, negotiation remains the only sustainable, morally acceptable (or even desirable), not ideological, profitable for all counterparties and always applicable way to move resourses from one party to another, on the basis of maximun INTEREST.

negotiation remains the only sustainable […] way to move resources

This is why, one of key principle in a negotiation is to move away from POSITIONS to be able to look at the real INTEREST.

Look at the real INTEREST

The focus must be on INTERESTS.

The focus on POSITIONS is not for negotiators. It is paradoxically both for conflicts or donations, as well.

But these are whole other (important) stories… that works with totally different mechanisms, that have nothing to do with negotiation.

Photo 1: Zaanse Schans – The Netherlands, March ‘23

Photo 2: Alkmaar – The Netherlands, March ‘23

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