#31 – Why negotiating is not (only) a private matter

A simple principle:

– negotiate is a good and right thing

– not to negotiate is a bad thing.

If negotiation means to reallocate resources to get the highest value for ourself and counterparty, not negotiating means to prevent not only us, but also the other, and community overall, to improve their conditions.

This has always been true, but it is much more important now that the entire world needs to reallocate resources to restart.

So, let’s practice a new simple behaviour: only trust politicians, managers, partners, companies, leaders, women and men who want and can negotiate.

Avoid who proposes you old conditions to face a totally new situation.

They are simply status quo keepers.

They usefully try to keep thigs are they were before, in a world that is looking forward to changing.

Negotiating is also a social responsibility matter, indeed.

#34 – Who has really fallen behind, in the post-covid new world?

Pandemia has eventually changed all human jobs and activities except one.

From small retailers to big corporations, from public administration to hospitals, every kind of job and worker, all employees, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, actors, nurses and doctors have had to reshape the way of performing their roles, in a totally new world.

So far, the only job that has not changed at all is politician.

Reason is simple: politicians are not obliged to do so.

Despite the tremendous evidence coming from covid, most politicians do not admit that time for local policies is over, yet. They are afraid of losing their role but they are much more afraid of not being able to become global thinkers, any more.

At Accademia Gallery, in Venice, there is a large canvas by Carpaccio showing a young lady asking for three specific things to the King.

…three specific things to the King

Look at the King’s attitude in the painting: he stares into space, static, his arm underpinning his head. He seems to think to everything except what the young lady is asking for.

He seems to think to everything except what the young lady is asking for.

This picture well summarizes the current politics attitude.

Why am I talking about politics in a negotiation blog?

Because politicians are the one we have empowered to set the rules of the game. In other words, they are the one we have engaged to negotiate on our bealfh. Politics is, by definition, the biggest and never ending negotiation in the world.

Scientists, economists, philosofists and even an increasing number of enterpreneurs have clearly pointed out three issues to be urgently addressed:

– Covid impact on economy and society

– Global warming

– Resources re-allocation (included big corporation tax privileges review)

Three issues…

What are politicians waiting for to reshape their role (as everybody else has already done) to be able to perform their task in a changed world?

So far, they seems to be like the King of the painting, an immobile negotiator far from reality.

Photos: details from Vittore Carpaccio canvas – Saint Orsola cycle, Venice, Accademia Gallery