#30 – FA-RE (“to do” verb) is the start and the end of FA-ttura-RE (to invoice)

In Italy, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are 92% of total. They are the key component in the supply chain for many well-known food, design, fashion and mechanical sector companies. They produce value.

SME need to get back to invoice, very quickly, in order to overcome this terrible phase.

In the Italian language, such as in any other southern Europe country, “to invoice” verb (ie.: fatturare) comes from “to do” verb (ie.: fare).

In Spanish, it sounds facturar. In Portuguese, faturar. In French, facturer.

Italian entrepreneurs, in their thoughts and informal speeches, often use “to do” and “to invoice“ as they were synonyms.

It is nice to think that FA-RE is the start and the end of FA-ttura-RE. They boths comes from the latin verb facio, is, feci, factum, facĕre, which still stands on the Pantheon facade.

Europe, Rome – Pantheon
Made by Marco Agrippa, Lucio’s son, during his third year as consul

So, let wish to all Italian and European companies to restart very soon to invoice, because invoicing relates with what we think, create and produce.

Only at the end of the story, invoicing becomes an accounting writing.

At government level, compared to perfect balance sheets parameters, I am sure that most Europeans definitely choose verbum facere

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