#25 – How will A.I. jump into your Buyer life? 

No futuristic scenarios. No science fiction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon break into your procurement business, in three different possible ways:

  • Overnight, you’ll realize that, in a running outsourcing contract, the provider decided to base the service on some AI technologies: can he really do that unilaterally? Can the outsourcer take advantage from new technologies to increase his margin? Do contract’s clauses still protect your business?
  • One day, somebody will ask you to buy a service you hadn’t ever bought before: an AI based service. How to source it? How to negotiate it? How could it be measured?
  • Option number three: few days before you would have realized you needed something, you will receive a spontaneous commercial Offer related to that thing you will soon need, with conditions much better than you would have been able to negotiate by yourself: how did it happen? Which third parties are taking advantage from your big data (ie.: your e-invoices, orders tools and payments systems) better than you?

Reality is always simpler, faster and closer than expectations.

Have you already experienced something similar?


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