# 26 – It’s so hard to say goodbye (pain points from current news stories)

Arcelor-Mittal (Ex Ilva, Taranto Italy) issue, UK BrEXIT (and every common people divorce case) teach us the same lesson: how hard is to leave a deal, when you feel stuck!

So, let’s point out three key points I think we need to double-check before making any deal:

  1. EMERGENCY EXIT – Starting is often smooth and easy; exiting is always a risky and uncomfortable journey. Any contract has a red carpet main entrance to let you in, but a path-through-a-labyrinth with multiple, sometimes unknown, back doors for leaving. “Where is the back door, please?”
  1. REACTION FORCE – When a country joins UE, when you get married or start a new job, the reason of the change is pure positive energy. It is attraction force that pull you up to a better scenario. When you need to exit, you are moved by a re-action force (instead of attraction). Two totally different kinds of force: attraction moves planets around stars. Reaction force is proportional to the shock you receive, it directly hits your body and can destroy. “Am I strong enough to play this business?
  1. RULE OF THE GAME – When you start, the rules of the game are likely known, clear and fit reality. You read, understand and negotiate the rules. After that, you can decide whether entering or not the deal. Otherwise, in case of leaving, when you realize it’s time to exit, then you start to read, to understand and to negotiate how to apply such rules (If there are any…). Instruction Manual, please!”

Photo: Pont des Arts, Paris

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